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Quickly see if The Village of East Harbor is a favorable financial fit by using the MoneyGauge Calculator™.

ccrc financial assessment graphic

Here at The Village of East Harbor, we’ve partnered with MyLifeSite to make a resource available called the MoneyGauge financial calculator, which can give preliminary results of one’s financial ability to move to the community, all in a matter of about two minutes.

In seven simple and straightforward questions―like “What is the approximate household total of savings and retirement accounts?”—the tool will provide you immediate feedback based on your responses.

It’s accurately called MoneyGauge, because it “gauges” what floor plan may be your best fit in the form of a speedometer graphic with green, yellow, and red colors to indicate one is very likely, likely, or not likely to financially qualify. This leaves some of the guesswork out and allows you to continue ahead on your intentions to secure a plan for your future.

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