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Joining the community at Harbor Inn is a smart move.

It’s sometimes a bit overwhelming to consider how much technology has changed within our lifetime. Many of us grew up with telephones that had a rotary dial, large televisions in decorative cabinets, and typewriters—and now, all of that technology has been turned into a tiny pocket computer that we refer to as our phone!

One of the main benefits of these technological improvements is that it enables convenience, enhanced safety, and even money-saving features. That’s why we’ve thoughtfully incorporated different green and smart tech into our Harbor Inn Ranch Homes and Apartments. Here’s an overview on the options available to you.

Smart Locks

Did you head out to run errands and can’t remember if you locked the front door? Did you misplace your keys, or do you need to let a friend into your house while you’re away? Do you want to make sure that the house is locked up tightly before bed—from bed? Smart locks give you the ability to manage your home’s security from the ease of a phone app. Lock, unlock, setup schedules, give access to loved ones, and more, all at the touch of a fingertip.

Smart Lights + Outlets

Creating a schedule for lights to come on and off is a great way to ensure your safety—especially as we move into different seasons, and the sun rises later and sets sooner. Smart lights and outlets can be programmed to turn on and off at certain times, and also allow you to turn them off or on via a phone app when you’re not at home. This also can enhance your sense of security: When you’re away on vacation, you can have lights turn on and off, giving the impression that someone is home.

Smart Thermostats

Perhaps one of the most money-saving features is smart thermostats, which can not only be programmed to your unique specifications, but will actually start to learn your behavior and help regulate your air conditioning and heating in a more cost-effective manner. Smart thermostats make it simple to be green while also keeping more green in your wallet.

Interested in learning more about our green and smart technology enhancements? Visit us for a tour of Harbor Inn and we’ll show you how these convenient and money-saving features can enhance your living experience.