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The Village of East Harbor is blessed in many ways—location, residents, families, staff and more. It’s also fortunate to have long-time supporters and friends. There’s physical evidence of this in the new Harbor Inn development, where Esther’s Way meets Geering Drive!

geering photoJim Gompers has long been involved with Presbyterian Villages of Michigan and The Village of East Harbor. He first served on the Village of East Harbor’s board for a couple of years, then PVM asked him to serve on the main board. Now serving as the board chair for the PVM Foundation, Jim feels so strongly about the resources for seniors that East Harbor provides in the community, that he donated toward the project capital campaign and named a street. “It was always Esther’s Way in my household. Our children and I kidded my wife about her leadership—and loved her for it. And she was always right, too.”

Jim’s mother was a resident at VEH many years ago. More recently, Jim received rehab services following a surgery. Thus, in addition to his desire to honor his wife, Esther, he wants to thank the staff for what he considers excellent care.

Joan Geering is a long-time supporter and committee leader for the PVM Foundation Gala. A member of First Presbyterian Church in Royal Oak, she is dedicated to her community and quality of life for all.

Eagerly anticipating the latest building boom at East Harbor, Joan saw her donation to the project campaign as a way to recognize and honor her family. She said, “The VEH campus and staff are extremely impressive. I am also very appreciative of David Miller’s leadership. My heart is with the Village of East Harbor and always will be.”

At East Harbor, either way you turn at the intersection of these two streets promises a good direction!