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What do you see when you think of what a senior living community might look like? For a lot of us, we see assisted living or nursing homes, places we’ll go once we’re unable to fully care for ourselves as we age.

But independent senior living isn’t like that, at all! In fact, these vibrant communities are designed to help you move into a new phase in your life, and choosing to move to one sooner rather than later has excellent benefits.

Build a Consistent Community

By moving to an independent living community like The Village at East Harbor, you’re surrounding yourself with folks who share similar interests, social and economic backgrounds, and life experiences. You’ll have the opportunity to build new friendships while having the independence and space to foster your lifelong relationships.

Make Things a Little Easier

You’ll have a space to call all your own, but have the support to take care of some of those things we all hate doing! Snow removal, household maintenance, yardwork, and even transportation services can give you the freedom to focus on what you love doing. 

Manage Your Finances

Many senior living communities have consistent, projected pricing for their homes and apartments, so you can plan your living expenses far in advance. Even if you currently own your home, unknown factors like home repairs or tax increases can mean it’s difficult to budget properly for your senior years.

Plan for the Continuation of Care

Communities like the Village at East Harbor offer many different living options, so that you can stay within the community as you age in place. From additional lifestyle services to assisted living, memory care to full-on rehabilitation, you’ll have the security of knowing that you’ll be part of a supportive community for years to come.