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We’re more than just a neighborhood: We’re a vibrant community with a long history of client-focused care.

Making the decision to move into a new chapter is both exciting and nerve wracking. If you’ve been living in your family home for several years, is it really a good idea to move somewhere new as you age? How do you know that you’re choosing the right community that will meet your needs right now—and for years to come?

We know that the Village of East Harbor is a sound choice, and here are a few reasons that make us different.

Over 75 Years of Experience

Established in 1978 as part of the Presbyterian Villages of Michigan (PVM) family of senior communities, the Village of East Harbor benefits from a rich and stable history. We have a robust culture that extends beyond the borders of the Village of East Harbor and connects us with senior living communities throughout Michigan. 

What this means for you is that while other senior living communities may be struggling, scaling down, changing management, or closing, we’re thriving! We remain a solid, steadfast, and trusted pillar in Chesterfield, and we continue to build upon our deep partnerships with the community. 

Led by our Executive Director David Miller, our team of talented and passionate professionals embody PVM’s stellar reputation, drawing upon the lessons learned throughout decades of providing unique, supportive experiences to Michigan’s seniors.

Non-Profit Principles

While some senior living facilities may make decisions guided by a for-profit focus on the bottom line, PVM is a non-profit with a primary mission of providing an enriching community that enhances the lives of each of our residents.

As a non-profit, we’re able to invest all of our funding to develop, grow, and maintain an exceptional senior living community. The Village of East Harbor operates through a combination of funding paid by residents like you, as well as funds contributed through community partnerships—and, unlike for-profit organizations, we’re obligated to reinvest all of our funding back into our communities.

This means that we’re consistently enhancing the levels of service that we provide to you—from increased activities to diverse dining choices, facility improvements to additional transportation options—and more!

Our non-profit principles also mean that we can serve a broader population within our community, which helps you build deeper relationships across socioeconomic, cultural, and even generational backgrounds.

Life Plan Community

If you’ve been living in a home and a neighborhood that you love for a while, it might initially make sense for you to stay in your home as you age. But the reality is that many seniors eventually have to make the decision to move into an environment that can provide more care and support in their later years.

The Village of East Harbor is designed to support this ideal! We have a suite of different community options, from independent living in our Harbor Inn Ranch and Apartment Homes, to concierge levels of service—all the way into assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing.

By joining us in our independent living community, you’ll begin the process of developing relationships with new friends and neighbors, as well as caregivers, throughout the campus. So when you need an increased level of care—whether that’s short term rehabilitation from an injury or longer term support—you’ll have established a strong foundation if your needs change.

We also offer quality of life enhancements, such as assisting with the burden of seasonal maintenance, as well as a broad suite of activities that will help you stay connected with your community, build relationships, and ensure your next chapter is just as vibrant as all those that have come before.

Would you like to experience the difference at The Village of East Harbor? Visit us for a tour of Harbor Inn and we’ll guide you through everything our robust community has to offer.