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  1. A True Life Plan Community
    Comprehensive variety of residential living options for any stage of life—all on one campus.
  2. Lakeshore Living
    Wonderfully located right off of Lake St. Clair, close enough to enjoy the lake all year.
  3. All the Amenities
    Within 10 miles of several wonderful local shopping centers, restaurants, parks and more.
  4. Wellness Center with Bistro
    Brand new wellness center with bistro bar offering fresh fruit, healthy food, gourmet coffee, and more.
  5. Onsite Chapel
    Non-denominational chapel serving seniors of all faiths, with worship services and additional support.
  6. Smart Home Technology
    New Ranch Home/Mid-Rise units feature smart tech upgrades to thermostats, door locks, lights, etc.
  7. Outside Maintenance Free Living
    All lawn and snow maintenance covered—stay cool or warm inside, while we take care of the rest.
  8. Ranch Home Apartments
    Attached garage, 2 bed/2 bath, smart technology, open floor plans, fully equipped kitchen, etc.
  9. Mid-Rise Units
    1 and 2 bed/bath apartments, smart technology, balcony/patio available, community room, etc.
  10. Anchor Club
    Monthly luncheons, customized welcome bag, VIP passes to events, periodic special offers available.