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Is there anything better than hitting the open road? And anything less enjoyable than being stuck in traffic? Our transportation services, including two vans (one with a lift) and a town car, enable you to run errands without the hassle of driving around town.

We have weekly trips to Kroger, Walmart, banks, and malls, as well as regular group events like visiting downtown Detroit, Christmas light tours, excursions to Frankenmuth, weekly restaurant lunches, and more. Each month, we’ll publish an updated calendar of locations and events that you can join.

All of this is included! And if you need help getting to a doctor or dentist’s appointment, you can schedule our on-site car for free to anywhere in Chesterfield. Need to go a bit further afield? You can schedule a vehicle for that, too.

So save your driving for that next great road trip! You can rely on us to keep you connected to all of the services, businesses, and events happening in our backyard.